"Leader needs allies, and the bigger the responsibility, the more allies he needs."

Casa & Country is proud to be part of an established network which includes some of the most prestigious brands operating in the international real estate market.

Despite a challenging economic market, Casa & Country Italian Property is constantly growing and expanding. We believe that our willingness to collaborate and partner has been an important contributing factor to our success today. The Italian real estate market has no Multi Listing Service as in the US, and agents operating in Italy don't traditionally collaborate, often preferring to find their own direct clients even if this means taking twice as long to sell a property, or find the right property for a client. Our politic is different, as our aim is to satisfy our clients as quickly and efficiently as possible. With our vendors permission, the property will be referred to our partner agents and promoted via their sales channels, as well as our own. Our buyers may rest assured that if we don't have the right property in our portfolio, then we will do our best to source it via our network of partner agents.

Despite this manner of working resulting in less income on a per-client basis, we've found it to be more profitable in the long term due to the fact that we're meeting our clients needs quicker, resulting in a higher turn over of clients.

We take pride in our pro-active and bespoke approach to the promotion of each property we are instructed to sell. We are constantly analysing new marketing channels and we study all aspects of each property including its history, location and unique characteristics in order to promote it to maximum effect.